Inusual junte entre Fortuño y Bhatia por la ley de quiebra

 Campaña publicitaria respalda la medida que ofrecería a Puerto Rico el mecanismo de la quiebra federal.

WASHINGTON.-The defenders of the 870 project that promotes the legal framework of the federal bankruptcy law to offer public companies that may be insolvent seek to take the offensive, at times in the Committee of the House of representatives of the United States legal following without measuring its voting agenda.

A coalition of businessmen and citizens – to the President of the Senate, Eduardo Bhatia, and to former Governor Luis Fortuño – as advisors and public face of the campaign, yesterday published an ad full page in the politician and The Hill, two newspapers that are read most in Congress.

” Puerto Rico is part of the United States economy. If the economy of Puerto Rico, the US taxpayer will have to deal with a $164,000 billion bailout”indicates the ad of the Coalition for Fiscal stability, which adds the public debt of the Government and their corporations, retirement systems and interests.
Yesterday, for the fifth time since a Subcommittee considered the measure at a public hearing – which took place February 26-, of the lower house legal Committee took a session of vote on other bills.
When projects have clear support from the Republican majority they are approved with absolute speed, as happened with the 1759 legislation, which promotes transparency in the federal government decision-making process. That average was presented on Monday in the federal lower House and yesterday was approved in the legal Committee.
The Resident Commissioner in Washington, Pedro Pierluisi, author of the 870, is convinced that has the votes to get its approval, although it recognizes that the important thing is that the leader of the of the federal lower house legal Committee reach that same conclusion.
While Pierluisi is the first to admit that he did not expect strong opposition from several of the firms of investments related to the authority of electrical energy (AEE) – who have had the attention of Republican leaders, including the President of the Committee, Robert Goodlatte (VA)-, believes it will prevail sooner rather than later.

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